Chung 143

  • 63 Seats

Instructional TechnologiesTechnologies

  • PC Computer
  • Wireless Keyboard and Presentation Mouse
  • HDMI Connection
  • VGA Connection w/ Audio
  • DVD/VHS Playback (available by request)
  • Audience Response System (H-ITT)
  • White Boards
  • Matrix Dual Projection
  • Stereo Sound System
  • Media Cabinet
  • 1 Wireless Lapel Microphone
  • Touch Panel A/V Control System
  • Wired Internet Access
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Campus Phone

Seating Chart

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Chung 143


Room Legend

  • Screen
  • Smart Board
  • Desk/Chair
  • Pod Chair (wheeled desk)
  • Exit
  • Chalk Board/White Board
  • Podium or Cabinet
  • Instructor Table/Chair

Operating InstructionsInstructions

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Each room will have a similar array of equipment. Below is an overview of typical room equipment, where it can be found, and operation instructions.

Equipment Overview




  1. The Equipment Rack
  2. Utility drawer, containing batteries, mouse, microphone (if available), and network cable
  3. Extron Interface Pane and Laptop Connection Interface

Equipment Operation



  1. Lower screen using screen controller located above the cabinet.
  2. On the control panel, touch the 'Press Here to Begin' button.
  3. Select the component you wish to use to present your media by pressing PC, Laptop or AUX.
  4. Volume controls can be found on the control panel.

Desktop PC

  1. To use the desktop PC, first press the PC's power button. Use the supplied keyboard and mouse.
  2. The PC’s volume controls can be found on the control panel.

Laptop Use

  1. To use your laptop, connect the HDMI or VGA cable to your laptop's external monitor port. The VGA and HDMI cables are connected to the podium. If using the VGA cable, you will also need to connect the audio cable (3) for sound, which is also connected to the podium
  2. Press the 'Laptop' button located on the control panel. Follow the on-screen prompts to to select 'HDMI' or 'VGA.'
  3. Your laptop may automatically send it's output to the projector. If not, you may need to mirror your laptop's screen.
    • Dell
      1. Press the FN and F8 keys at the same time until you see your laptop content on the screen.
      2. Pressing FN + F8 successively will scroll through the available viewing choices.
    • Macbook
      1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
      2. From the View menu, choose Displays
      3. Click the Arrangement tab.
      4. Enable (check) "Mirror Displays" in the bottom-left corner
    • Others
      1. The command to mirror your laptop's screen may be different on other manufacturer's computers.

Blue ray or Combo Deck

  1. Turn on the Blu-Ray or Combo deck using the remote, which is located in the Utility Drawer. If your classroom is not equipped with one, you may order one here:
  2. Press the AUX button on the control panel.
  3. Press Blu-Ray or Combo Deck on the screen that appears. You can now control the unit using the remote control.

Wireless Microphone

  1. To use wireless mics, press the MIC power button on the control panel.
  2. Remove the mic and battery pack from the utility drawer.
  3. Clip the mic to your shirt. The closer the mic is to your mouth, the better the sound quality will be.
  4. Flip both switches on the mic's battery pack to the On position.
  5. You can clip the battery pack to your belt or slip it inside a pocket. Remember to turn off the battery pack when you are finished using the wireless microphone.


  1. If you experience any problems using the Smart Classroom multimedia technology, press the Help button (1) on the control panel.
  2. Multimedia Technologies Group staff will respond either in person or via the in-room telephone.
  3. You may also contact Multimedia Technologies Group at 951-827-3045.